Wednesday, 25 October 2017

4 Borders (rather than corners)

(Retrospective post)

We Australians (especially those with little overseas experience) are often bemused by the notion of crossing national borders; especially when those crossings occur within a short period. Our home is a one nation continent. Many Australian can live their entire lives without ever crossing a national border.

As if our cavalier crossing of the Botswana border was not enough, when we reached the Zambezi River again in order to enter Zambia we were near to a geographic point where the borders of four nations - Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe - intersect. I'm not certain where that exact point lies but it was somewhere close to the photo below which shows our bags being loaded onto tender in Botswana on the nearside. The tender would convey us to the opposite shore which is Zambia. Somewhere to the left (or thereabouts) lies Nambia and somewhere to the right (or thereabouts) lies Zimbabwe.

The vehicular ferry, also in the photo, was criss-crossing the river continuously carrying vehicles and locals across the river border.

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