Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Beautiful: The Carole King Story

'Beautiful: The Carole King Story' is a stage musical that tells the story of the famous songwriter and singer between the ages of sixteen and twenty-nine. In reality the show is mostly a concert of her songs (many co-written with her husband, Gerry Goffin) and other songs of the era linked with occasional dialogue and some key moments of her life during those years.

An enjoyable couple of hours and an interesting recreation of the musical entertainment of that era.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The ladies who lunch?

L and W decided we should have meet for lunch ahead of Christmas. 'We' being a group of six former co-workers plus two hangers on (read one husband and one gay friend) who periodically socialise over lunch. L and W would be described by some as 'fag hags' but that is a term I have never liked; it sounds tacky and pejorative to me. They chose the location, a Pizza restaurant in the CBD which the others didn't fancy from the experience of previous visits but, hey, I eat occasionally at the Golden Arches so what do I care.

The day before the lunch both L and W dropped out for personal reasons leaving the rest of us to lunch at a venue most didn't want to attend. The socialising was enjoyable but the others criticised the food (predictable) and (rightly) challenged being charged for a non appearing salad. The bill was adjusted.

I didn't notice the apparently slack service the others commented on and was content with my Pepperoni Pizza minus Olives. No doubt I reeked of garlic afterwards.

Lunch at a venue no-one wanted to attend organised by two ladies who failed to attend.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Escalators as art

Sydney's Wynyard Railway Station is undergoing a major refurbishment even as a new skyscraper is being constructed above it. The station has long been noted amongst locals for its long, slow moving wooden escalators initially installed in 1932.

You can read about them here.

Wynyard Station escalators
Wynyard Station escalators
The wooden escalators have been replaced with modern metal versions. For once, though, Government hasn't simply obliterated past glories. Sections of the now replaced wooden steps have been retained as an art installation hanging above their replacements. A nice job, I think.

Escalators to heaven

Oh, what Fred Astaire might have done with these!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sydney Light Rail and Trams

Two blocks of tracks for Sydney's new CBD and South-Eastern line under construction have been revealed on George Street between Park and King Streets.

George Street at Park Street, looking north towards Market Street
George Street at Queen Victoria Building & Hilton Hotel, looking north towards Market Street
George Street at Market Street, looking south towards Park Street
George Street at Market Street, looking north towards King Street

Meanwhile this photograph on a construction site at the nearby suburb of Paddington from another time when trams ran along King Street in the CBD.

Tram heading east for Rose Bay on King Street near Castlereagh Street
Postscript: I've just noticed the FREE WIFI sign which appears neatly to be on the window of the Surrey Hotel. I suspect someone has stuck that on the hoarding photo as a joke.

Friday, 8 December 2017

'Oh, you are cacky-handed!'

As a child I was often the target of this comment. For those unfamiliar with the term 'cacky-handed' it  meant 'left-handed'. (Indeed Apple spell check is clearly unfamiliar with the term autocorrecting my typing each time to 'cocky-handed' which I have had to manually over-ride.)

Nowadays, even though we 'cacky-handed' ones still represent little more than about 10% of the world's population, it is very rare for anyone to make that observation to me.

Today Australia's Governor General gave Royal Assent to Parliament's legislation allowing Marriage Equality. It is now the law of the land. Australia is the 26th country to legalise Marriage Equality. It has been a long and difficult road to reach this point.

I am aged 68 and life for me as a gay man is very different now from when I was teenager and my orientation was not only shameful but criminal and needed to be kept secret. Indeed as a teenager I was referred by authorities to a Psychiatrist who, I guess, investigated my 'deviance'.

It would be nice if Marriage Equality was the final step to complete equality for gays, lesbians etc. But still we are exhorted or encouraged to 'come out'; and having 'come out' we continue to 'come out' again and again. Yes, life for us is much better today but there is still a way to go.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Dutch glory

Some snaps from the Art Gallery of New South Wales where the current main exhibition is Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age.

Monday, 4 December 2017