Sunday, 23 April 2017


In 1996 historian David Irving, a noted Holocaust denier, sued Professor Deborah Lipstadt and her publishers claiming she had libelled him in her book, 'Denying the Holocaust'.

The film 'Denial' recounts the legal battle, how the defence case was formulated, the trial and the outcome.

A beautifully acted film with fascinating glimpses into the British justice system and its protagonists.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Going in Style

Three retirees angered by the loss of their pensions and banking practices decide to rob a bank.

'Going in Style' is perhaps not the best lesson in crime doesn't pay; if indeed that lesson is even evident. This is a movie aimed at seniors who will relate to the characters' frustrations and behaviour whilst also recognising the absurdity of the situation.

Fun, but not innocent fun.


Friday, 21 April 2017

What the f.....

My credit card provider has written to inform me - and no doubt many others - that my card will 'no longer be offered' from 5 August.


I use the card regularly and I have many direct debits linked to it. What a f#$%&ng nuisance.

Now, to clarify. I have two credit cards provided by the same bank. One card is of the variety whose name is like a travel document. The other card, the one 'no longer offered', is of the variety that one 'should never leave home without'. You know the one. It is the one that many retailers won't accept anyway and that most of those who do apply a higher surcharge to.

Having delivered that sucker punch I read on to find that the account fee for the remaining card will in future be (think of any number 165% higher than the previous one).


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Table 19

The history of cinema is littered with references to the outlying table at a wedding reception reserved for what might be regarded as the Z-list of people invited by the bride and groom out of duty rather than preference.

Those people in 'Table 19' include the dumped first preference for Maid of Honour, a long forgotten nanny of the bride, a mysterious oddball relative of the groom's father, a jaded, warring couple who own a restaurant vaguely favoured by somebody or other and a mother-pecked awkward young man who just wants to lose his virginity and whose connection to the wedding party, if it was revealed, passed me by.

I had the occasional laugh but frankly most of these characters behaved irritatingly and/or were not endearing to any great extent.

Watching this film I became just as bored as the characters appear to be in the film's poster.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Disney's latest iteration of the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' draws on the corporation's massive technical and financial resources to achieve a lush and lavish product.

The film contains some dark moments that I would have thought could frighten some children but this did not seem to be the case at the session I attended when the many children present remained attentive and engaged throughout.

The fuss from some USA sources at what has been described as a three seconds long gay reference mystifies me. Only the most obtuse of adults would fail to notice quite a number of gay references littered across the film. Not one of these came across as offensive to me.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Popular Mechanicals

(Sydney Theatre Company)
'The Popular Mechanicals' takes Shakespeare's rude mechanicals characters from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and portrays them rehearsing for their performance. What ensues is a type of Shakespearean 'Play That Goes Wrong'.

There is plenty of visual, verbal and slapstick comedy and even a fart joke or two. You don't have to be familiar with the Shakespeare play to enjoy this but those who are will enjoy the insider jokes all the more. Or maybe not?

I thought this was a lot of simple fun.