Monday, 31 December 2018

This blog is sleeping

Hello to anyone who still visits this blog to see if there are any new entries or who has stumbled across it for the first time.

Somehow, earlier in the year, placed some manner of curse upon me and/or my Blogger access.

It stopped accepting comments from me on the Blogger sites of others. Blogger increasingly made my own Blog invisible to me. I would try to log into it in vain only for Blogger to invite me to create a new Blog, as if for the first time.

I don't know how I got to this position. Apparently something to do with European Union rules about privacy and anonymous comments may be behind this estrangement but whatever occurred it has all defeated me.

Twice I started to create a new blog for myself but the motivation has weakened and I did not persist.

For years now I have followed various other blogs with interest and great enjoyment. It disappoints me to be unable to comment on some favourites including, but not exclusively, AndrewAdRad and James. I still visit these and other blogs but am frustrated that my attempted comments just disappear into cyber space.

Good wishes to those whose Blogs continue to thrive and to their faithful followers.

And a happy new year to all.