Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Botswana In and Out Pt 2

(Retrospective post)

Once again we used Botswana as a transit to pursue our Southern Africa journey.

The previous transit saw us enter from South Africa by air and depart for Namibia by river tender. Our Botswana 'stay' little more than an hour involved a bus trip from Kasane Airport to the nearby Zambezi River with Inwards and Outwards Immigration processing at either end.

Now, two days later we were engaged in a reverse transit to facilitate travel to Zambia. We entered Botswana by river tender from Namibia at the earlier Zambezi River border point and departed for Zambia by another tender at another border point on the same Zambezi River again with Inwards and Outwards Immigration processing at each end. This bus trip this time was of a little less than an hour.

This time at re-entry to Botswana we also had to have all our shoes treated for Foot and Mouth disease which is prevalent in Namibia. In addition our bags were examined for prohibited wooden products.

Bags examined at the Border
I felt slightly guilty as this scant interest in Botswana which we were told is very much an African success story whose economy was so strong that it loaned money to the World Bank.


  1. I am very surprised to hear Botswana is an African success story. Further reading is required, or listen to BBC Radio, that bangs on endlessly about the African continent.