Monday, 29 February 2016

At lunch

I've been remiss lately with my blogging and worse still with keeping up to date with the blogs of friends.

I can't exactly explain why. It feels like I've had fewer hours in the day available to me but that can't really be the reason. Days are still 24 hours in length aren't they? Then again my 'social' life has been more active than usual. Normally I'm not one to participate in many 'lunches' and yet I have participated in three in the past four days.

Bank of Melbourne's World's Longest Lunch
The first lunch was for the 'friends of friends' visiting from Italy. As befits both the guests of honour and the Italian/Greek hosts a marinara pasta was the feature dish.

Lunch number two was a delightful backyard barbecue reciprocating my New Years Eve gathering with barbecued lamb, barbecued chicken strips and a middle eastern chick pea salad the feature dishes.

Then lunch number three was a gathering of fellow travellers for the trip we are planning to Malta, Sicily and Rome in September. A gorgeous home made lasagna was the highlight.

My contribution to each lunch was store purchased cakes; a strawberry, apple and rhubarb cake at two lunches and a blueberry cheesecake at the third.

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