Friday, 12 September 2014

A whole host of Americana

Today it is.....

NBC Studio at Rockefeller Center
...and of course flags are at half mast in commemoration of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Flags on 6th Avenue
Our first stop today was at St Patrick's Cathedral which we found to be undergoing refurbishment.

St Patrick's Cathedral
Then it was off to Rockefeller Center to visit the Observation Deck at the top.

Rockefeller Plaza
Box Office & Lift Hall for 'Top of the Rock'
Looking north over Central Park
The very top of the Center
South to Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Center & Liberty
Back to earth and a very American scene?

Shoe shine service
Rockefeller foyer
Rockefeller wisdom
Then it was off to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

The artist who created this...

also created this... they would say here...'you do the math'.

I couldn't resist
I don't know either
And so to lunch the local way.

A popular street vendor
We joined the queue
and ate on the wall
Then to Times Square to obtain discount tickets for tonight's performance of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'.

This play about a fifteen year old boy discovered one night with a dead dog in a neighbour's garden who then sets about investigating who killed the animal was devised by the National Theatre of Britain. The Broadway season opens next month and we attended the second preview this evening.

It is a simple story told in a most inventive and captivating way. A wonderful night at the theatre.

Times Square at night is a blaze of light and advertising and packed with thousands of people. Here is how it appeared this evening before the show.

and then around 10.45pm

But earlier in the afternoon when we purchased our tickets there we came across our friend, the naked cowboy.


  1. 12/12/79 seems to be an unremarkable day. It is said that London is crowded but we did not find it so. New York seems to be very crowded in tourist areas. The Singing Cowboy is not as I remember him. I love the last three works of art. The artists' senses of existentialism really shows through brilliantly, along with their vibrant use of form.

    1. I knew you would get to the heart of the matter, Andrew.

  2. Yes the singing cowboy is looking a bit older these days. I went to Sister Act when was there last - great show. Loving all you picks. Actually I was there for tenth anniversay of Sept 11. City was in lockdown as Obama was in town for commenoration.

    1. We've been very happy with our theatre choices so far, Allan.

  3. Wow amazing photos.The Cathedral is impressive but the cowboy is lovely/

    1. The cowboy attracts a lot of interest, Gosia.