Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lincoln Center and Central Park

We started today with an escorted tour of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The tour is all over in 45 minutes which isn't really enough to do justice to the sprawling complex and unfortunately I can't show much of the tour - nothing really - because photography isn't permitted inside the theatres and performance spaces. This despite most of those theatres being inactive during our visit. It is a contrast to the attitude at both the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art where photography was generally permitted.

I can show you the main Plaza, which is probably the least interesting aspect of the complex

Lincoln Center
and what, from this perspective, appears to be the forecourt to the Julliard School, although the School is actually across the street.

The Julliard School in the background
What we did see on the tour was, however, quite interesting.

We had lunch at the complex following the tour and then over the course of several hours walked home mostly through Central Park.

There is such variety in what one sees in the Park.

We saw....

Carriage rides
Carriage drivers texting
Newly weds
Baseball/softball fields
Open fields
Shady seating
The 'Happy' song
Interesting underpasses
A bride
Another bride
Interesting walks
Sailing boats
Alice and the Mad Hatter
5th Avenue glimpses
Finally, a stop at our new favourite bakery on Madison Avenue


  1. I can see a pair of buskers I would pay to perform.

    1. So much eye candy in this city, Andrew

  2. Victor,all photos are amazing. But for me the best photo of squirrel because at my place these animals are only red.