Thursday, 29 September 2011

Inclement Melbourne

I'm stuck in a crowded Qantas Lounge at Sydney Airport with all flights to Melbourne where I am heading for a weekend break delayed because of inclement weather there.

From announcements being made in the Lounge it appears that many passengers delayed from flights earlier than mine are being transferred to a hastily arranged Airbus 380 in order to clear the backlog.

Meantime whatever has been creating turmoil in Melbourne appears to have arrived in Sydney as torrential rain begins to fall outside the terminal.

Yea Gods, the omens are wet.......


  1. You will be pleased to know the weather is reasonably clement now.

  2. Bugger. It doesn't seem as stormy today here in Melbourne. It's cloudy at the moment but not raining. I hope you packed an umbrella.

  3. The rain's coming and going. We've certainly not seen the last of it, although hopefully not as bad as yesterday which saw me arrive home drenched. Hopefully you'll be on your way soon and have a great time when you get here.

  4. It seems we went from clement back to inclement this afternoon. What a crook weekend weather wise.

  5. All comments true, gentlemen and yes Ad Rad I did bring an umbrella.