Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The best laid plans...

The replacement of windows and frames in my building is continuing but not exactly to schedule. The date for the second stage of work on my unit (the kitchen and the second bedroom) changed three times.

First a stage on the side of the building became stuck between between Levels 4 and 5 (the latter is my floor) for two days. A technician called to repair the fault did not have the required part which delayed completion of the repair.

Then strong winds and rain prevented work on other units delaying the adjusted schedule for my unit further.

I was called late on Thursday and asked if I could have my kitchen ready for work the next morning. I cleared the kitchen in preparation and vacated the unit early the next day so that the workers could have a free go at the work. When I returned in the evening I was disappointed to find that no work had been carried out on my unit all. Stepping outside the building I could see that the workers had returned to earlier units.

Then last night (Monday) I was asked to clear my kitchen (again) and my second bedroom so that the workers would perform the work today. That would 'finish' stage 2 work on my unit today, I was told. I prepared both rooms and yet again vacated the unit early this morning.

Returning this afternoon I find the work far from completion. A new window and frame are in place in the second bedroom but the workers tools and covers remain spread around the room...

...and what you can't see from the photograph is all the shards of glass and debris across the floor covers. Just out of picture on the right is the wardrobe which the workers have thoughtfully covered to prevent (or more likely minimise) dust penetration. I can't access clothes there at present some of which I was intending to take with me to Melbourne on a visit there this weekend.

More disappointingly the kitchen window and frame have not yet been removed...

...and as you see with covers and tools lying about here too I can't really use the kitchen in it's current state.

The new windows and frames for the kitchen have been left on the landing outside my unit. So much for the stage 2 work being 'finished' today.

I assume work will resume on my unit tomorrow. I certainly hope so. I have planned to pack tomorrow evening for my flight to Melbourne the next day and want to be able to access the items I intend to take. In addition I am not keen to go away leaving my unit in this state for the period I will be absent.


  1. Victor arrives in Melbourne clad in only a dressing gown.

  2. Oh well...at least it would make him easier to spot on Swanston street.

  3. Indeed it would have to be a dressing gown Andrew as I don't have any pyjamas.

    You'll both be relieved to learn that the work was completed today (Thursday) and I will be able to select from my vast wardrobe after all.

    In any event you'll both be able to identify me when we meet from the lairy bright yellow backpack I'll be carrying.