Sunday, 25 September 2011

And They Called Him Mr Glamour

Staged by Belvoir Street Theatre

The man above is Gareth Davies who is the writer and sole performer of And They Called Him Mr Glamour. Some program notes warn 'this show is offensive in many different ways'.

For sixty minutes Davies delivers a stream of consciousness which is at times manic. In the small darkened auditorium Davies insults and berates himself and the audience in equal measure. There is no plot and despite speaking about the character he is playing, or should that be himself, he doesn't reveal much. His spoken thoughts are scattered and scrambled.

There are some funny moments but most of the performance is disturbing. Davies' characterisation reminded me of some homeless people you see who wander the streets shouting out their thoughts to an unseen audience.

And the 'offensive' label? Well, the nature of the work will offend some. The language is mostly coarse and there is full frontal nudity. For some reason this year's theatrical productions seem intent on putting penises in our face (so to speak). I'm not complaining.

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