Thursday, 29 September 2011

At last, Melbourne!

My flight departed 90 minutes late and was unremarkable except that on arrival in Melbourne we were squealed at by a small group of young girls waving photos of some musician or other at us and asking each of us in turn 'were you on the flight from Sydney'. When we answered yes they would squeal even louder. Apparently a famous musician was on board but I wouldn't have a clue who it was.

Now I can look forward to being looked upon by High Riser, exposed to some Adaptive Radiation and even accosted by an Evol Kween which is only fitting for a gay man from Sin City.

My hotel is more swish than I imagined and this is a section of the view from my 22nd floor room.

The Yarra River of which Melbournites are most proud. To the left of the river are the blue courts of Flinders Park where the Australian Open Tennis is played. Behind that is the bubbly roof of the quaintly named Rectangular Stadium where, as far as Sydneysiders are concerned, real football is played. To it's left are the light towers of the Melbourne Cricket Ground where an unreal but extremely popular local version of football is played. To the right of the river is, I believe, the stately building of Government House.

I'm having trouble keying in any more to this post so will publish it as is.


  1. The Rectangular Stadium does have a proper name which is of course involves a commercial company. We locals who listen to ABC radio know it as the Not Round Ground. Speaking of the ABC, should you turn your radio on in the morning, you may be surprised to hear some dulcet tones from someone normally only heard in Sydney. Can you see the casino and the fire show on the hour at night time?

  2. Just noticed that our apartment building is visible in the far left cluster.

  3. Andrew, I brought my digital radio with me and so am not at the mercy of the hotel's radio. I have tuned into local ABC on your advice. Didn't think of looking for the fire show, will check it out tonight if I remember.

  4. My office is in the brown buildings to the right of the Arts Centre spire in the bottom photo. In fact, if I look over my computer screen and out the window right now I suspect I'm looking at your hotel! See you for lunch soon :)