Friday, 30 September 2011

Tut, parade, Pho, rain, theatre

As The Two Ronnies would have said, 'in a packed day'...

Early morning rower on the Yarra
Melbourne Museum for the Tutankhamun Exhibition
Waiting for the Grand Final Parade at Swanston and Collins Streets
At this point I put the camera away and met Adaptive Radiation and Evol Kween for an enjoyable Pho lunch at a city Vietnamese cafe. Evol had to return to work after lunch but Adaptive Radiation suggested we move on to the National Gallery of Victoria where we shared a mini High Tea. It was very enjoyable meeting these two blogger friends.

By now the rain had returned with a vengeance and I made my way to the Melbourne Theatre Company for it's evening performance about which I will blog separately.


  1. I'm jealous of your blogger meets! Maybe one day I will make it to Oz... one never knows.

  2. Great to catch up again Victor, shame the weather wasn't the best for your visit!

    Yes WCS, you and Ken should definitely visit Australia, perhaps around the time of the Australian Open!

  3. In which case Evol, I should visit Melbourne again and meet up with wcs and Ken as well!