Saturday, 9 July 2011

Don't you agree?

Why do they do it?

I've always assumed that the purpose of a radio or television interview is for the interviewer to elicit information or opinions from the interviewee. To my mind an interview is not intended to be a soap box for the interviewer to express their opinion bulldozing any view, whether that be contrary or in agreement, that the interviewee might possess.

So why do so many interviewers ask long winded questions that in reality are not questions at all but rather statements of their opinion leaving no real opportunity for the interviewee to respond?


  1. Probably for the same reason many interviewees (especially politicians) ignore the question and launch into their predetermined talking points.

  2. I know! The ABC, and Fairfax, are the worst. Radio, TV, or Online, they just push their agendas, and demonise those who don't fall into line with their groupthink. They're positively fascistic.