Friday, 29 July 2011

Ballina Day 3

A leisurely start to Sunday morning, Ll and I sat in the sun filled enclosed verandah sipping coffees and watching the occasional passerby. Most were either walking to a nearby store to collect the Sunday papers or to the numerous Churches for the Sunday service. Mt was walking her dog whilst Gg and Fd were doing whatever it is that men with no urgent plans to pursue do best in bed on a quiet morning. Rs, typically, was sleeping in.

Once we were all up, dressed and decent and the dog had been walked we decided to drive to Lennox Head, about twenty minutes away, for brunch. It was cool but very sunny and each time we glimpsed the Pacific Ocean we could see a sizeable swell. This was a good omen for eye candy. There would be plenty of surfers about.

We selected this cafe for brunch.

Busy when we arrived, quiet by the time we finished

My scrambled eggs, sausage and Turkish bread

Gg's vanilla pancakes and syrup

Ll's scrambled eggs, bacon and Turkish bread
 Across the road the surf was pounding in creating quite a spray of water.

Seagulls enjoying the sun and a break from the ocean wind
Afterwards we returned to Ballina dropping Fd and Gg to lounge about reading the papers whilst Mt, Ll, Rs and I drove into town for a bit of shopping R&R.

Later in the afternoon, Mt's brother Gm, visiting from his home in California, returned to Ballina from a week with friends in S E Queensland. Mt collected him from the bus terminal. We spent an afternoon tea with Gm following which Ll, Fd, Gg and Rs departed for their Brisbane homes leaving Mt, Gm and I behind.

Our dinner was left overs from the previous night's roast dinner.

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