Friday, 29 July 2011

Ballina Day 4 and return home

Another leisurely start but this time breakfast was at home following more dog walking. Afterwards Mt and I went to a nearby centre to shop whilst Gm pottered around at home.

At lunchtime Mt took us to Shelly Beach for lunch.

The view from the cafe

The surf still pounding in

A lizard having sunned itself for a while decided to take a crap near our table

The view north towards Lennox Head

The view south towards Ballina
Then it was back to Mt's. We dropped Gm off for an afternoon nap. I assisted Mt to sort out some issues on her computer and then we drove to the nearby Court House where Mt had her application for a Senior's Card witnessed.

Then we sat by the Richmond River, which runs through Ballina, where we had an afternoon tea before returning to Mt's. I said my goodbyes to Gm before and then was dropped off at the airport for my 4.50pm flight back to Sydney.

As is often the case for flights into Sydney at the evening peak our flight from the northern direction was delayed by Air Traffic Control who required us to fly over Sydney and make our approach from the south; a detour that added twenty minutes to our scheduled one hour journey.

Finally home at about 7pm, after an enjoyable long weekend spent with friends.

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  1. That looks like a decent sized lizard. Lucky to see it.