Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ballina Day 2

We were up by 9am Saturday morning, much later than all of us rise in our day to day lives, but a reasonably early start for a leisurely weekend with friends. There was dog walking to be done and the Saturday papers to be purchased and these were accomplished before a late breakfast at home. Rs and Gg were due to arrive from Brisbane in the morning but they 'texted' to advise they had departed late and were caught in heavy traffic on the highway and would not reach Ballina until the afternoon.

We four (Mt, Ll, Fd and myself) decided to shop for food for lunch and the evening birthday meal that Ll and Rs had opted to prepare. As usual we pooled some funds to purchase a whole stack of lottery tickets something we always do when we have these weekend get togethers. One of these days we might actually win these lotteries.

Rs and Gg finally arrived around 1.30pm and we settled into a lunch of cold meat cuts, delicious fresh bread and salads. After more general chit chat and hi jinks Ll and Rs turned their attention to making the birthday cake and the roast lamb and vegetables evening meal we had decided upon.

Whilst the cooks were engaged in their activity, Gg, Fd and I slipped out to purchase some wines and beer for the meal and took the opportunity for a quick look around the town. By the time we returned the cake was taking shape and the aroma of lamb roasting in the oven was wafting temptingly around the house.

We sat down to our roast dinner around 7.30pm. This was the table....

Everyone was in good form at the table ribbing each other and recollecting many wonderful memories from the past. Later in the evening it was time for the birthday cake...

Mt is the third in our group to reach 60 after myself in 2009 and Fd in 2010. Ll will be next in 2013.

Bedtime was around 11pm.

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