Monday, 4 October 2010

Labour Day...laboured shopping...

It is the Labour Day holiday today and Westfield Bondi Junction was packed.

I was there with Mt who had a shopping list of potential purchases for items not readily obtainable in her hometown of Ballina. I decided on the spur of the moment to check out replacement mobile phones whilst Mt made for the shoe departments at DJs and Myer.

My phone provider's outlet (the dreaded Telstra) was humming with customers and any thoughts I had of waiting for service were quickly dispelled when one salesman, not attending to anyone, told me to line up in the queue for another who, with clipboard in hand, would assign me to a salesman. I didn't bother.

I made my way to DJs and found a comfortable chair to bide my time whilst Mt tried pairs of sandals on for size. Whilst dozing there I was bemused at the sight of this statuesque woman trying on a pair of shoes that had her towering even further over everyone in sight including the accompanying male.
Although it is not apparent from this photograph, the crowds were as healthy in DJs as elsewhere in the Centre.

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