Monday, 4 October 2010


No sooner has the football season ended and we have the Delhi Commonwealth Games underway. Australia generally does well at these Games so we can expect plenty of media overkill when the predicted flood of Aussie gold medals eventuates. Of course we sometimes win events we were not expecting to succeed in and more often fail to win events the commentators assure us are 'certainties'.

One gold medal event we ought win at every Games is 'jingoism'. Our commentators have unfailing confidence, or should that be over confidence, in Aussie superiority.

Well, here we are only hours into the first day and one of the Aussie swimmers, notorious for recent events out of the pool, has failed to qualify beyond the heats of his only event less than an hour after one of the television commentators, herself a former champion swimmer, declared she could not see anyone beating him.

The media's frenzied forensic examination of this calamity has already begun.

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