Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

My plans to take my guests up to Palm Beach appeared in tatters this morning as rain pelted down. I phoned Hn who confirmed it had been pouring there for hours.

We sat around chatting at home for a while when I noticed the rain had stopped here and the heavy cloud appeared lighter. I took the chance and said we would make the trip after all.

My gamble for once paid off. Despite the fact we drove through heavy rain at periods both there and back, not a drop fell on us at our stopping points or at lunch although it remained unseasonably cool and windy for my northern guests used to tropical climes.
Palm Beach mostly deserted on the opening weekend of the swim season, although some hardy types were there to take the plunge.
On the sheltered Pittwater side of the peninsula, conditions were calmer, nevertheless noone was taking the plunge.

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