Monday, 23 August 2010

'Hey maate...hey maate..hey maate...

...take our photos puhlease'...was the shout to me from these three staggering along the opposite footpath at 8.30 on Sunday morning. Clearly they were reaching the end of their Saturday evening rather than at the beginning of their Sunday. 'Why do you want me take your photo?' I asked, adding 'I can't print you a copy of it here.'

'One day you might be famous' was the reply 'and you will have taken our photo'.
Well, I doubt that I shall ever be famous but here is their photo for posterity...just in case.


  1. Did they buy a job lot of black vinyl jackets?

  2. Hipster kids love the black vinyl jackets right now. But only if they're hooded.

    Victor, are you sure they weren't propositioning you? With a little bit of encouragement, who knows what sort of poses they may have struck given their inebriated state.........

  3. There you are, Andrew - the youthful Evol knows the score re the jackets. But I think he is wrong about them propositioning me. They would have to have been really, really pissed to do so; I'm as old as the three of them combined.

  4. Everyone should bed a daddy at least once in their life ;p

  5. Lord, the way you put yourself out for our good. Ever so selfless of you Victor!

    Next time someone throws you an opportunity like that ask them how they'd feel about doing some nude shots with you! Can't hurt, right?

  6. If you say so, Evol.

    I'll take the tip, Mutant.