Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thunderously Trivial Thursday

So what have I done today?

The usual Thursday start with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, toast and orange juice at The Zoo in Bondi Junction.

Followed by the excitement of renewing my prescriptions. I know I am in the senior ranks when I have to sign off on six medications each month...and I am quite healthy!

After that it was off to a funeral for an acquaintance who died last Monday. Another sign of senior days.

Then it was off to the car wash to get all that red dust that hit Sydney last week removed from my car (inside and out).

Unfortunately none of these car washers was on duty today although at 32c it was certainly hot enough for them to have been rostered on.

Then home to complete our subscription application for the Sydney Theatre Company's 2010 season. This year Mk and I will be paying different rates for the same subscription. Mk will have to pay $876 for the twelve plays but I will only pay $648 because...wait for, I am a senior! Woohoo.

And tonight? I'll be a couch potato reclined on the sofa catching up on junk television.

1 comment:

  1. What a full day! Hopefully the next time you go in for a car wash, the boys are working.

    It's great you get the theater packages. We get so many productions coming through Minneapolis. One year I'm going to get the package deal too.