Friday, 2 October 2009

Kimberley 'reunion' dinner

We had a mini reunion tonight with Go and Se from Griffith who we met on our trip through the Kimberley last year.

Intending initially to take them to the Nepalese Kitchen we had to abandon that idea when Go told us he doesn't like hot or spicy food and decided instead to go to the Double Bay 18 Footers Sailing Club (the longer of the two buildings at the jetty in the photo above).

Whilst the club appears modest from the outside it is quite attractive inside and its setting looking out on the harbour is very pretty. The peak hour rivercats disembarked homecoming workers on the jetty as we sat in the lounge enjoying our drinks and reminiscing on our holiday through the photo album Ae had compiled.

We had a good dinner in the club's restaurant which has a fine menu and quite reasonable prices; two course meals, wine and coffee costing $170 for the five of us.

I should really use this club more often as it is only ten minutes from home and a pleasant place to take visitors.

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