Saturday, 3 October 2009

Labour Day weekend

Sydney's eccentric weather is extending into the Labour Day weekend. Just two days ago it was hot and 33c but today on the first day of the long weekend it is a cold 14c and showery. The rain is expected to last the whole weekend.

Bad luck for Ma who is in the air as I type on her flight from Ballina. I'm waiting for her call to tell me her flight has landed so that I can drive out to collect her from the front of Terminal 2 at the airport. That's better than me driving out there early and paying the airport operator's exorbitant parking charges.

We are seeing The Mikado tonight at the Opera House. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Rugby League Grand Final and on Monday My is joining us to see Mao's Last Dancer. Still plenty for us to do for the holiday weekend even if the weather is not the best.


  1. Just letting you know that I'm typing this from my work desk as you enjoy a public holiday........

  2. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend...particularly at the Rugby finals. Interesting use of words when you stated you're going to "collect her (Ma) from the front of Terminal 2..."

  3. Evol - swings and roundabouts!

    Steven - we did and I did.