Friday, 9 January 2009

Dump those Blogs

My stomach has been a this morning. It could have been the pepperoni pizza I ate last night.

So there I was browsing some of my regular blogs this morning feeling that any moment I will need to pay the bathroom another visit when in succession I read this followed by this.

You can guess what happened next.


  1. Sound like an epidemic out there.

  2. Consider yourself lucky you do not live in a mess situation with several usually inebriated or hung over bankers, and your room is the furthermost from the toilets along a long veranda. Being the most senior banker in the mess, you get the double sized room, at the end of the wing with the view. Imagine the horror of not making it much further than just out your door and forced to hang over the rail, and then the indignity of several smirking work sublings lining up with their duty free 35mm Pentax SLRs snapping away, while your immediate junior hoses you down!! But hey, you take it all in your strides..ahahahah

  3. Wallaby - and which one of those was you?

  4. ... so this blog is a flushing success ...