Thursday, 8 January 2009

The ups and downs of my day so far...

I arrived at bridge for my occasional Thursday lunchtime game. We play on the third floor of a building at Bondi Junction where I use the stairs as a token gesture to exercise and fitness raising. The many older players in the club gladly use the only elevator.

Today, however, that elevator was out of order and many of the players struggled up the stairs. My bridge partner usually arrives early for the game and I suspected something was up when she was not in the club when I arrived. I called her mobile and she was at the movies. We had mixed up our days.

Not a problem, I thought. There was plenty for me to do at home but when I returned and got into the elevator to go to my fifth floor apartment it wouldn't budge. There I was having avoided an out of order elevator at bridge only to be stuck in the elevator in my own building. After ten minutes the elevator door opened with me still on the ground floor. I changed over to the other elevator which thankfully was operating.

I think I shall walk down the stairs rather than risk more elevator hi jinks when I have to go back out again this afternoon.


  1. I dread the day I ever get stuck in an elevator!

  2. C'mon Victor, you can't tell me you'd hate to be stuck in an elevator if it was just you and some hot stud who were forced to find a way to occupy an hour or two whilst trapped in an elevator?

  3. Just curious Victor, certainly not a criticism, but why do you call the lift an elevator? Is it a Melbourne/Sydney thing?

    My own locked in a lift experience.

  4. Evol - it was more annoying than scary, but then again I was on the ground floor so there wasn't much to be scared about.

    Mutant - Find me a hot stud and elevator and I'll stop the elevator myself.

    Andrew - Must be my private schooling. I use either name.

  5. I must have jinxed you after I blogged about my recurring elevator nightmares. Sorry about that. ;-) My token exercise during the work day is also taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work.