Thursday, 22 January 2009

As easy as...0000000

I pay most of my bills through the Internet using the BPay system and certainly find it far more convenient than the 'olden days' of writing and sending off cheques or lining up at the Post Office to make payments.

The system seems to work well and is pretty simple. However one of my recurring payments has a reference number of twenty digits. Twenty! There is so much scope for miskeying that reference number, especially as there are seven, count em, seven consecutive zeroes within the reference. Is such a long reference number really necessary? Most of my other bills make do with far shorter numbers; one recurring bill manages with just a three digit number.


  1. Not sure if it is the same Victor, but I pay mine online via my bank and BPay. All my numbers don't change, so once set up, I don't have to enter them subsequently.

  2. I have an idea! Ask them to take those zeroes and add them on to the end of your bank account balance. Then send part of it on to me. ;)

  3. Andrew - I do the same but I have some accounts where the reference number changes with each bill.

    wcs - I like your thinking...well the first part of it anyway.

  4. I am still with the "old school" and write out checks and send in mail. Maybe one day I'll come into the 21st century?