Thursday, 22 January 2009


It is too hot. It has just passed 10pm and the official temperature is still 29c after a day in the high 30s.

I know it will be difficult to sleep tonight especially as I am in need of another type of relief just at the moment that I would usually manage for myself but in this heat will find difficult to achieve. I better not say any more.

There will be a lot of fruitless tossing and turning in bed tonight.


  1. hope things cool down for you soon. It's terrible when heat keeps you up at night. We can't even get that high in Fahrenheit, which would be close to zero Celsius for you. ;-)

  2. Steven - we reached 41c on Saturday and thankfully a cool change arrived that evening but it is still around 30c during the days over this Australia Day long weekend.

    By the way, is there a change with wordpress blogging? None of my comments are appearing on your blog nowadays.