Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hope for the future

At about the moment that this (pre-ordered) post is scheduled to appear, Barack Obama is being sworn in as President of the United States.

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding Obama's Presidency. Let's hope our expectations do not overwhelm him, that his actions and achievements justify the current hopeful mood and that he is well supported rather than impeded by the Government agencies and bureaucracy.


  1. Absolutely. But I doubt it will be the government agencies and bureaucracy that will be the problem. They've been held down under the thumb of Bush too long and are probably longing to get back to their work.

    If anything, it'll be the opposition party trying to find a way to bring him down. At least they're not in control of the Congress as they were under Clinton, so they will have very little power to hold hearings and conduct investigations.

    And the country is behind Obama.