Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sculpture by the Sea 2008 (3)

Some of the artwork I photographed on display at Sculpture by the Sea 2008.

(Click on photo to enlarge for better view.)

In the ocean - Spheres by Sophie Hoppe.

Price $12,000

Creator's statement: This work is a kinetic installation portraying an invisible constraint.

In left foreground - Sky Catcher 11 by Bob Emser (USA).

Price: $12,500

No statment provided.

In middle distance - imag_ne by Emma Anna.

Price: $5,000

Creator's Statement: The power of the imagination affords us poetic sanctuary in an often hostile world.

Left - Paper Moon (aka Bill's Boat) by Orest Keywan.

Price: $66,000

No statement provided.

Right - She thought by Mark McClelland.

Price: $77,000

Creator's Statement: She liked to look a long way out to sea sometimes, wondering at the place where it flew up into the sky.

Poroplastic 2 by Richard Goodwin.

Price: $90,000

Creator's Statement: 'Poroplastic' is the explosion of a new motorcycle held together with lines of force which become an elaborate stainless steel frame.

I'm not sure what Muzbot would make of the dismantled new motorcycle.

Ordinary Exraordinary by Ivan Lovatt.

Price $21,000

Creator's Statement: Andy Warhol's art made the ordinary extraordinary. This is the portrait of an extraordinary artist created in an ordinary medium.

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  1. Lovely pictures! Glad you enjoyed the show xx Emma Anna