Monday, 20 October 2008

Sculpture by the Sea 2008 (2)

Yesterday I took the coastal walk along from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach where Sculpture by the Sea 2008 was on display.

Although it was not yet 9am when I set out, thousands of people were taking the walk to view the display.

(Click to enlarge photos for better view.)

Sunbathers and surfers have made an early start and a surf carnival is underway at the Northern end of the beach - in the top distance of photo.

People at the northern end of the coastal walk adjacent to the Icebergs Club.

The trail of people continues along the walk around the point at Marks Park.

And then on the southern side of Marks Park onwards to Tamarama Beach in the distance.

Finally at Tamarama Beach with the Nippers (youngsters being taught surfing and life saving skills) dressed in blue at the water's edge.

It was not easy to take photos of the artworks with so many people around but I managed a few which I will post tomorrow.

By the way, this coastal walk used to be a busy gay beat at night which I frequented in my teens and twenties. However a number of gay bashings and murders have occurred there over the years since and I imagine the area no longer attracts gay men at night.


  1. It was a stunning day for it.
    Last year I decided to take photos of people admiring/puzzling over the art work instead of the actual work and to date they are some of my fave pictures I have taken.

    I think I'll take a day of this year and do it all again... mid-week when it's less busy.

  2. yes we started off at 7.00 Sunday morning to avoid the crowds !!