Tuesday, 21 October 2008

In search of a seat

Two years ago a dear friend of ours, Dh, died in her mid forties of cancer following a short illness. It was a quite a shock and in her memory her friends made donations to the Garvan Institute which performs marvellous medical research.

It was always the intention of another friend, Fs, to produce a photographic tribute to Dh and yesterday Fs emailed and asked if I would go to the Auditorium in the Institute, which is near the Hospital where I volunteer, and photograph the seat which has a plaque in Dh's memory.

I did that, this afternoon.

(The foyer of the Institute - pity about the cones!)

I explained to the receptionist what I wanted to do and she spoke to someone else on the phone who okayed my request. The receptionist gave me directions to the Auditorium and I had to pass through security doors to reach it. When I reached the Auditorium I found it in darkness and I felt around the walls but couldn't locate any switches. I wandered around the perimeter of the Auditorium and had a stroke of luck when I came across a sole worker at a computer on the otherwise unoccupied expansive floor. I don't know what he was doing there on his own but I was glad I found him as he was able to show me the light switch.

Then I had the task of locating the seat with Dh's plaque. I suppose the Auditorium contains a couple of hundred seats and working my way from the back row I half crawled my way around row by row. Early on, I unexpectedly found a plaque in honour of one of my fellow volunteers who died last year and then several rows further on I reached Dh's plaque.

The silver grey seats and plaques did not photograph easily in the available light but I got several shots that I hope will suit Fs' tribute album.


  1. What an amazing foyer, but the cones are probably to fence people away from where bits are falling off it.

  2. Did you have to take the stairs all the way to the top to get to the auditorium with no option of an elevator? ;-) That is an absolute beautiful capture in the foyer with the winding stairs. And I can only find one person in that entire photo. You should have asked her to model on the stairway along the outer perimeter as if she was going up. ;-)

    Thank goodness you found the seat with the plaque relatively quickly. By the way, what was that guy doing in a dark auditorium?

  3. Andrew - That could be so but I would hope bits aren't falling off.

    Afod (Steven) - The Auditorium is two levels below the foyer so I walked down from the floor level shown. The worker was not in the darkened Auditorium, he was in the adjacent office area which was lit.