Friday, 27 April 2018

The Flick

Sam is a cleaner at 'The Flick', an old style single screen movie theatre located somewhere in Massachusetts and when the play opens he is training new starter Avery in the cleaning procedures. It is a repetitive, sometimes unpleasant, task; a fact made clear in scene after scene. It is a job with limited prospects other than an unlikely promotion to projectionist, a position which Robyn achieved over the longer serving Sam.

The dead end nature of their working lives is relieved slightly by their shared love of cinema and a secret low level defrauding of the box office revenue.

At almost three hours this is a lengthy play, punctuated repeatedly by the longest of pauses turning the play into an endurance test. Nonetheless it is surprisingly humorous and despite its length maintained my interest throughout. Would the play be just as effective, even more so, if it were half the length? I don't see why not.

Well acted but bring a cushion.