Thursday, 26 April 2018

Carry on Doctor

I was a patient of Doctor H for more than twenty years. I selected him from his advertisement in a gay newspaper as I preferred to have a doctor who would not be judgemental about my sexuality. Younger readers (if there are any) may not realise that homosexuality was illegal when I was younger and not something you could readily reveal to your Doctor thus exposing your health management to misdiagnosis or similar through absence of essential and possibly relevant information.

Anyway, I was quite satisfied with Doctor H as my GP but a couple years ago he decided to make a major change in his life departing his practice and moving overseas, apparently indefinitely. Doctor C took over Doctor H's practice. Doctor C seemed a good replacement but I learned that he was managing three separate practices across Sydney and would only be available at my location on Fridays. I wasn't happy with this limited opportunity for face to face consultations and so, after thinking about it for all those months, I decided to seek another practice nearby.

Just two blocks away is a trendy looking practice and it has about a dozen GPs to choose from. 'Which one do you want to see?' the receptionist asked when I enquired about signing up with them. I didn't know; I hadn't researched that part. I referred to the GP biographies on their website and identified three preferences with the mix of health interests and specialities to suit my needs. Of the three I dismissed Doctor M as an option. Oh yes, he is the most handsome of the group - good looks always makes me feel better, no matter how ill I might feel - but I recognised him as a celebrity television doctor and...well... they have other celebrity related issues on their mind. Despite the eye candy possibilities I reduced the choice to two. Doctor B and Doctor D. The former offered limited days of consultancy whilst the latter offers the widest availability. So Doctor D it will be.

First appointment made for next week.