Thursday, 15 March 2018


We awoke on our second day in Philadelphia to snow and an official state of emergency which closed many services, attractions and caused transport cancellations including our booked bus transfer to New York. We managed to obtain train tickets and made our way to New York five hours earlier than earlier arranged.

Good morning Philadelphia
Departing Penn Station, Philadelphia
It snowed all the way to New York.

Iselin, New Jersey
Colonia, New Jersey
Linden, New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
Secaucus, New Jersey
And finally in the taxi to our hotel in New York.


  1. You should have booked the train in the first place. I am a bit surprised that buses can't deal with snow on what I would guess is a freeway from Philly to NYC.

    1. My travelling companion suggested the bus. It was far cheaper than the train. Our bus tickets only cost $7.50 each.