Friday, 12 January 2018

No words

Isn't this a lovely looking family?

I don't know the family. I never met them. The day after this photo was taken they were driving on one of our roads. It was Boxing Day. It was also the last drive that three of them would ever take and almost certainly also the last drive of the fourth family member. The family was involved in a car crash.

Funerals of the three family members shown left to right in the photo were held yesterday. The life support for the woman on the right was turned off this morning.

The driver of the other car, it is said was returning from receiving methadone treatment. It is also reported that the other driver had more than 60 convictions, including at least 10 convictions for driving while disqualified and allegedly had been subject to a nine-year driving ban.

I should stress that I do not know the circumstances of the collision; in particular whether blame for the collision can be, or will be, attributed to either driver.

The other driver also died in the collision.