Sunday, 30 July 2017

Paris Can Wait

Anne (Diane Lane) is prevented by an earache from accompanying her husband on his flight to Budapest. Instead arrangements are made for her to be driven by his associate Jaques (Arnaud Viard) to Paris, their following destination. It is Anne's expectation they will drive directly to the French capital but Jaques finds every excuse to meander via interesting villages, townships and restaurant stops. 'Paris Can Wait' is Jaques' mantra.

This is a very slight film verging on dullness. Highlights are occasional bursts of scenery and glimpses of interesting meals but there is not really enough of either to keep this movie afloat. Lane is always watchable in my opinion but even she struggles to make an impact and it doesn't help that the Jaques character presents as irritating, even a little sleazy at times.


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