Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How not to succeed with the law

My friend A gave a textbook demonstration this week of how not to behave when stopped by a policeman.

She was pulled over for driving an unregistered car by a policeman with his sirens blaring and horns honking (according to A).

Her first response was to be excused as she had a hairdresser's appointment. Always a likely winning argument you wouldn't think.

Her second response was 'to say things (to him) that she probably shouldn't have' not knowing that she was being recorded.

Her third response was to plead ignorance. An argument that even I know from Movies 101 doesn't succeed.


  1. Having no experience of the above, as you read today, I think the best thing is to admit guilt and apologise, without going overboard.

    1. Andrew, my friend has a habit of inflaming situations.

  2. Admit nothing. Be polite. Nothing wrong with expressing surprise but best to exercise right to silence. Keep your exculpatory or mitigating powder dry for a letter later.

    Having said that, when my sister was driving my elderly father in the ACT in his car for which it turned out he had forgotten to renew the registration, that all came out in the conversation when they were stopped and aside from having to leave the car there until the rego was paid there were no adverse consequences.

    These days with the digital scanning/OCR technology in every vehicle it is simply not worth taking a chance on your vehicle not being registered.

    1. Marcellous, my friend is not very good at keeping her mouth shut.