Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hello, Dolly!

When the Melbourne based Production Company scheduled 'Hello, Dolly!' as one of its 2017 season presentations I wonder if they knew a major Broadway revival with the dream casting of Bette Midler as Dolly Levi would be hogging the entertainment headlines at the same time?

I doubt whether it matters given the productions obviously are not competing for the same audience and perhaps the rave notices Ms Midler has generated is proving good publicity for the local staging.

I'm sure the Production Company's traditional spare stage settings are no match for what currently is on display on the Great White Way but in most other respects this comparatively shoestring production is great value for money.

Marina Prior is an entertaining Dolly (a la Streisand's movie version) and Prior's likely successor as Australia' musical comedy Queen, Verity Hunt-Ballard, displays all her skills as Mrs Molloy. The ensemble cast performs with great verve and vitality.

A delight.


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