Thursday, 13 April 2017

Customer Service

There is customer service...and then there is customer service. (The sequence of three videos is revealing and shocking.)

But back to me.

During my flight to Cairns yesterday I was sent a text message. My hotel was looking forward to 'having me'. At this point of the message I wasn't sure if I was a menu item but I read on. 'Do (I) drink coffee' the message asked, in which case they 'could organise a coffee machine for (my) room' if I liked. I don't much and I didn't. Still, it was a nice thought.

Three hours later and within an hour of having checked into the hotel I received a second text message. I was welcomed and thanked for staying at the hotel. 'Can we do anything for you at this point', the message asked. An hour into my stay I wasn't in need of anything which, I suppose, was a promising sign.

Fast forward to day two and almost to the minute of twenty-four hours since checkin I received a third text message. 'Just checking' it began breezily. 'How is (my) stay going so far' the message enquired. The message continued rather jollily 'feel free to reply back with a 1-10'. I wasn't intending to reply but in case of doubt the message added '10 being excellent'. Either way the message concluded 'Have a great day'.

It seems churlish to suggest irritation with these messages; three of them in twenty-seven hours. Will they continue at this rate until I succumb with a reply? I could be polite and just send a reply acknowledging my satisfaction but could that encourage a further stream of enquiring messages?


Oh, the irony. At this moment, when I was about to 'top and tail' this item for posting, my internet connection stalled for around twenty minutes. Eventually it dawned on me that the hotel required me to re-apply for my complimentary WiFi access every twenty-four hours or so. I have now done so and can finalise this posting.

So, thank heavens my hotel is not run by United Airlines. If it were I might have found myself publicly dragged through the foyer following checkin 'gazumped' in favour of a freeloading customer with higher status than mine.

I should be glad for the service I have experienced so far, even with its wrinkles.

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