Saturday, 13 August 2016

The first lady shops at the mall

In American terms, Lucy Turnbull, the wife of the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is Australia's 'First Lady'. Not that we use that term here.

Lucy Turnbull
I passed Mrs Turnbull today in the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre. She was walking casually through the busy centre crowded with Saturday shoppers with a bunch of lilies slung casually over her shoulder. There was not a security presence in sight. I can't imagine Michelle Obama in a similar situation.

It reminded me that our State's former Premier, Bob Carr, and his wife regularly slipped into my local cinema for a Sunday afternoon movie without any escorts or hoo-ha.

There are some things awry with Australia at the moment but in many ways we are still a very lucky country.


  1. It so pleases me to hear this. For all that we complain about our country, that the PM's wife can go shopping alone without guards is a wonderful thing. You don't think Michelle might have slipped out at times and been anon?

  2. She might have done so Andrew but if so I suspect the Secret Service would have had a fit.