Friday, 12 August 2016

Bad Moms

A mother of two school children exhausted by her domestic, family and workplace responsibilities rebels against the onerous and ideologically driven demands of the school's PTA leadership.

It seems to me that the early years of the 21st Century filmmaking will go down as a period of comedy based upon people behaving badly.

There are few characters in 'Bad Moms' who display behaviour that one might categorise as the model of child rearing nor in hand books about how families or co-workers should relate to each other. The film follows a predictable arc. There are no surprises. It is all plot by numbers.

As for comedy, all I can report is that there wasn't a single laugh out loud from the meagre audience at my session.

One positive for the movie is that females dominate it numerically and in every other way. If you can last that long, I recommend you stay for the end credits which show presumably real interviews with the female actors and their mothers. They are easily the best scenes in the entire film.


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