Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hamilton Island and a modern disaster

Sharp eyed readers may have noticed something different about my posts for the two previous days and indeed this day's post. All will be explained in good time below.

This morning I flew the 1917 kilometres (according to Google Maps) from Sydney to Hamilton Island for the Easter long weekend.

The passenger in the adjacent seat was not exactly the passenger from hell but he was an irritant. First he was super fidgety, constantly moving about. Second he had no sense of personal space and repeatedly knocked my arm as he jumped about in his seat. Third, and worst, he sniffled non stop from when we took our seats until landing at the Island. It was two and half hours of irritation.

Arriving on the Island I can report the weather is sunny and delightful with temperature around 30°c and a nice breeze. It all feels very relaxing.

I have completed a brief reconnoiter of the resort. My room has a lovely view of the sea.

I would love to show it to you but that's where the disaster has struck.

Retrieving my MacBook from my case I find it has died a total death without the slightest forewarning. Did it suffer from some manner of behind the scenes Airport security screening? I don't know. I have taken it all around the world in the past couple of years without incident. Now I have to wait until return to Sydney to contact the Apple Store and either have the MacBook revived or replaced by a new model.

In the meantime this and the two previous (retrospective) posts have been created on my iPad on which I haven't worked out how to download my photos, images or symbols such as the stars I use for rating films and theatre.

First world problems!


  1. Ugh! I hope you have good luck retrieving what you need from the old Macbook. Otherwise, enjoy the holiday!

  2. R is moaning about his Samsung tablet. It is old and misbehaving, yet it hasn't failed entirely and let him down. Forget the tech and just enjoy yourself.

    1. Andrew, the holiday is enjoyable, thank heavens.

  3. Oh dear...a suddenly dead Macbook is one of my worst nightmares. Reminds me, I should do a back up!!!

    1. AdRad, I'm trying not to think about documents that might be lost forever in cyber space. I hope the cloud is destruction proof.