Friday, 25 March 2016

'Airlie dreamin'

Without any planning or forethought I turned up at the Marina and booked myself on the Port of Airlie via Daydream Island ferry route thus creating a day's cruising and sightseeing program for myself.

It worked quite well. The first leg of about thirty minutes through what I guess might be the Whitsunday Passage to Daydream Island was very pleasing visually. Arriving at DI we were serenaded by two Islanders playing gentle vaguely South Pacific sounding melodies. All very romantic for this ageing gay solo traveller.

I had two hours on the DI resort which was more than enough to get the feel of this tiny island resort. Quieter than Hamilton Island even with families and young children frolicking in the various pools. Somehow I managed to lose my cap during those two hours. I retraced my steps several times but found no trace of it. Added to the apparent death of my MacBook that constitutes two 'disasters' and no I wonder whether the proverbial third one awaits me?

Then on to Airlie on the Queensland mainland which was heaving with youthful energy on this hot Good Friday. I can't say there is a lot to see there on a quick visit but I had splendid stroll around the main town area and the garden lagoon packed with young semi naked bodies engaged in a surprising amount of romantic cuddling.

Then it was back to the Airlie ferry wharf for the return journey - including a second stop at DI - arriving back at Hamilton Island in the late afternoon.

All I all, a very satisfactory day of crushing and sightseeing considering that I had not planned a single activity for the day half and hour before the departure.

I put my feet up in the evening and read a book until sleep hit me like a bulldozer.


  1. I'd rather see the young semi naked bodies indulging in horseplay. We are at the seaside so I will check if your cap is floating in through The Heads when we are out for our evening stroll.

    1. If it gets that far, the cap will be useless.

      Just noticed all the typos in the post. Blogging via tablet is a nuisance and a struggle.