Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Cambodia Day 18 - Siem Reap and flight home

Departure day. No official activities. Our flight out was not until late in the day. We took a walk around the streets surrounding the hotel.

The King

The King is aged in his sixties, is unmarried and once studied ballet dancing. Not drawing any conclusions from this.

The cleanup from the previous two days of the River Festival and water races was getting under way this early morning.

Later that afternoon we flew to Singapore.

Then on to Sydney.

Landed at Sydney Airport


  1. I did not know about this new king, son of Sihanouk I suppose. No conclusions drawn.

    1. No not a son but I think they said he was a nephew. We also were told he was elected to be the heir by the Government. Seeing that the same party has been in power for thirty years I assume the Government was confident that this King would know his place and not make any political waves.