Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Cambodia Day 17 - Siem Reap

This was the last full day of our trip. We were bused to Tonle Sap Lake which we were told is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia. During the monsoon season the lake expands to four times it usual size. The lake is the home of both permanent resident water people and seasonal workers who return each season to set up temporary homes from which to carry out their seasonal work.

A village alongside the lake.

Reaching the lake we glimpsed races to celebrate the second day of the country's River Festival.

Life on the lake.


We returned to Siem Reap and in the evening - the final night of the trip - we travelled by a fleet of Tuk Tuks to a restaurant for our farewell dinner. We got caught for ages in the gridlock of traffic leaving town after the day's River Festival activities and each Tuk Tuk lost sight of the others for the best part of forty-five minutes.

Eventually each of the Tuk Tuks cleared itself from the traffic jam and on into the dark back lanes of suburban Siem Reap then as if by magic arrived one by one at the gates of the restaurant.


  1. Good to see a few on motorcycles wearing helmets. The water must rise a lot with the stilt houses so far skywards.

    1. You are correct Andrew, the rainy season sees the water level rise by a huge amount.