Friday, 18 December 2015

Vietnam Day 10 - Ho Chi Minh City (and Cu Chi Tunnels)

We boarded a boat and travelled on the Saigon River to the Cu Chi Tunnels. This is an area where during the Vietnam War (American War) the Viet Cong established a network of tunnels dug by hand stretching over 200 kilometres which connected command posts, hospitals, shelters and weapons factories.

On the Saigon River
Arriving at the Cu Chi Tunnels
How the Viet Cong disguised their presence
Voila! Disguised completely
Trapdoors targeting US forces
Access to tunnels
An entry point to the tunnels
Some, but not all, of our group crawled through two sections of tunnel, a distance of I suppose 40 metres. It was not a pleasant experience for those of us - like myself - who experience claustrophobia. I did panic slightly when we were caught up at one stage with no way of standing, stretching or turning back. It is a very tight fit for someone of my build - 1.82 metres and 100 kilos - and with my lack of body flexibility.

A few weeks after returning home I woke one morning struggling with my breathing. I'd been dreaming of being in that tunnel and imagining what might have happened had I suffered a heart attack or something similar.

Anyway, continuing our tour.

There was firing range for keen shooters to try out their expertise I assume using equipment and hardware from the times. These bullets I guess were for sale. You can see some prices in the top right of the photograph. At the time of our visit 22,000 Vietnamese Dong was valued at $US1.

These people are standing in B52 bomb crater
After the tunnels we returned via the Saigon River to a beautiful park and grounds with restaurant facilities for lunch.

Our lunch setting
Surrounding park and waterways
More waterways and one of a number of bridal parties taking photos
On to another temple.

Then an hour at the War Remnants Museum.

To conclude the day, sunset drinks and evening snacks on the 52nd Floor of Ho Chi Minh City's tallest building (71 stories).



    1. Yes, Gosia, it is worth visiting.

  2. You had not heard how small and cramped the tunnels are? I would not even contemplate entering them. The site looks well organised in a nice setting.

    1. Andrew, I had read about them being small but didn't realise they were as very tiny as they are.