Friday, 17 April 2015

A difference of two

How annoying is a difference of two? Two tablets in a packet, that is.

I am prescribed four medications a day by my GP, to control or prevent certain conditions.

All four medications come in the form of tablets. Three of these medications come in packets of thirty tablets but the other medication comes in a packet of twenty-eight. Each month that 'other' medication runs out first and because I top up all four medications at the same time over a period of a few months my supply of medications gets all out of kilter.

Of course I could manage my supply differently by purchasing only that 'other' medication every few months or so but why isn't there a standard multiple of tablets per packet? What difference does two make?


  1. I'm hearing you Victor. I have to go to the chemist today to get a prescription for precisely that reason...the lack of consistency in number of tablets in the box between different kinds of medication.

    1. AdRad, so I'm not alone in my irritation with this practice.

  2. While two of my three come in thirties, the other one I take twice a day comes in sixty. Fine you would think, except I do at times forget the evening pill and hence mine get out of sync. At least once I have had not had to have that one filled, but then the prescriptions were out of sync, and now the same medication can only be prescribed with four repeats instead of five. Getting old is grand fun.

  3. Same deal here. Twenty-eight vs. thirty tablet packs. Now mine come in packs of sixty, but I'm permanently out of synch and stuff like that makes me crazy! Perhaps there's a pill for that...