Sunday, 28 December 2014

A catch up and a refresh....

I haven't posted for a few days. This and the posts following for the next few dates - well at least until January 2 - have been composed and published retrospectively.

I've had visitors for a week over the the New Year and blogging - reading them and keeping mine up to date - have taken a back seat to enjoying the company of my visitors. I've just delivered the last of the visitors to the airport for flights home.

I didn't think about blogging much in the week except that I was falling behind. One other thought though was to update the blog's title.

When I started blogging I assumed the title Someone for Me which had certain meaning for me but now, six years later, I think it is time to more accurately reflect what my blog seems to about.

So, in case you didn't notice, you now are reading about my ordinary life.


  1. V, I didn't see the title change until I read your post.

    Over the years I've treated your erstwhile blog title as a distinctly rhetorical question. If you were expending any effort in answering it, you certainly kept that out of your blog: discreetly taken photos of hotties in public places don't really count; and I have concluded on the basis of one particular post that the bridge partner mentioned is out of the running.

    1. marcellous, the bridge partner never stood a chance. She's the wrong gender!

  2. I like the change of title. As time went on and I came to know you, I really disliked the title. Of course the original title remains in the blog address but that doesn't matter. While I normally read blogs in my reader, I do see the proper blog when I comment and I suspect I would have noticed.

    As for spending time with real people as opposed to interacting with the internet, quell horreur.

    1. Andrew, the previous title really became irrelevant within weeks of starting the blog.