Friday, 26 September 2014

Trafalgar Square, Galleries, Theatre

Trafalgar Square remains a fine meeting and people watching place in London.

Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the distance

The National Gallery lines one end of the Square;

National Gallery foyer
Van Gogh
Joseph Wright

The National Portrait Gallery is next door.

Much of the work there cannot be photographed but of the remainder I liked this best. It seemed like a photograph but is acrylic on linen;

Sir Paul Nurse by Jason Brooks

Back in the square I was struck by this gift from France, or was it Germany?

A cock in the Square
Not far from the Square is;


Nearby, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt laid the foundation for a building;

and that building is now....

a Chinese restaurant
Then I went on to the Prince Edward Theatre to see 'Miss Saigon'.

Prince Edward Theatre, the Old Compton Road
As is the fashion for contemporary musicals, this steal of the Madam Butterfly plot reset against the Vietnam War relies on a series of big moments, big scenes and some technical stage wizardry. It is not a great musical but after a slow start I really enjoyed the performance. So did the huge matinee audience.

The renovated Prince Edward Theatre is a piece of art in itself. Here it is at intermission;


  1. China Town looks a little constructed and very clean. The blue cockerel should not work as public art in an area filled with such history, but it does.

    1. Yes Andrew, the cockerel worked for me.

  2. I have see the blue cock in June. Fantastic