Monday, 8 September 2014

Sunday in New York

Last night we saw 'Matilda: The Musical' on Broadway. The stage show, which is coming to Sydney in August 2015, has music and lyrics by the Australian musician Tim Minchin and is based on a children's novel by Roald Dahl.

'Matilda: The Musical' at the Schubert Theatre
It is a very entertaining show with energetic performances from a group of talented children and adults. The tunes are catchy, if not memorable afterwards.

Today was our most leisurely so far in New York. We walked down to Madison Avenue at East 90th Street for brunch at the Corner Cafe and Bakery.

Smoked Salmon & Cheese Bagel with Lemonade
Whilst at the Bakery, talk show host Geraldo Rivera and his wife called in for take away coffees. We understand they were on their way to the Joan Rivers funeral about to be held nearby.

After lunch we walked across to Central Park where we sat for a while watching the activity around us.

Families playing softball in the Park
We had tickets for another show this afternoon and caught the subway into town around 1.30pm. Although it was a Sunday the train was as crowded as at any other time we have travelled.

Subway packed, as usual
Today's show was the comedy 'It's Only A Play' a wicked comedy about theatre people waiting for the reviews of their play which has opened that night. The show makes a lot of fun, some of it pretty crude bordering on cruel, of real performers and shows. The audience received it with a standing ovation. It was very funny.

Here are some photos from that theatre.

Outside the theatre, cast details
Waiting for the curtain to rise
The audience to my right
Decorative auditorium
Dinner tonight was pasta and meatballs at a nearby tiny Italian restaurant to which we have taken a shine.


  1. I'm loving your New York photos! My home town is 150 miles north, up the Hudson River.

  2. Victor nice photos the theatre is amazing.

    1. It was a very nice theatre, Gosia